Wanted-Records - Isley Bros

Isley Bros

$ 7.00

Label/#: United Artists #638
Genre: R&B Soul
Condition: VG

Surf And Shout b/w Watcha‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈ Gonna Do


Additional Comments from Robert:
Here are Isley Brothers trying to marry two musical concepts "Twist" (borrowed from Chubby Checker) & "Surf" (borrowed from the trend Dick Dale popluarized). Their previous smash hit was Twist and Shout that was later covered by the Beatles. Music sampling or borrowing isn't a new thing, it just makes more money than ever before so people make a bigger deal about it now. Enjoy this "novelty" and trick your friends who will almost guaranteed start singing Twist and Shout when they first hear it.
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