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Daily Discovery

Going strong for three years, this is our Daily blog for finding/discovering new and old gems on rare 7" vinyl 45s. Through this blog, we've reached out to thousands of customers and gotten in touch with several of the artists involved in bringing you this great music. Join in the conversation and let's see what we can discover together!

The Sniffing Song by Reta Ray aka The Naughty Nightingale – Comedy 45

Published on: September 29 2011
The Sniffing Song b/w Mr. Babbitt by Reta Ray - Comedy 45 on Par-Dee Records #6 Music has been about money/fame, love, sex or drugs...
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Adventures In Success by Will Powers

Published on: June 16 2010
Adventures in Success by Will Powers. It is actually Lynn Goldsmith talking into a vocoder to disguise her voice. Collaborators include Sting, Steve Winwood &...
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