Wanted-Records - Daily Discovery - From the vinyl vaults of Robert Rodriguez

Daily Discovery

Going strong for three years, this is our Daily blog for finding/discovering new and old gems on rare 7" vinyl 45s. Through this blog, we've reached out to thousands of customers and gotten in touch with several of the artists involved in bringing you this great music. Join in the conversation and let's see what we can discover together!

Daily Find – Be Fair by Gallahads – Doowop 45 on Delfi Records #4148

Published on: February 09 2012
"A blind boy and his girl were crossing the street one day, and I shuddered as I past them, when heard him say, Be Fair",...
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Chicano Soul by Marty y Los Chicanos 5

Published on: July 08 2010
Chicano Soul by Marty y Los Chicanos 5. I played this on the Steve Propes all 45 show about a year ago. It is on...
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