Daily Find – Be Fair by Gallahads – Doowop 45 on Delfi Records #4148

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: February 09 2012

"A blind boy and his girl were crossing the street one day, and I shuddered as I past them, when heard him say, Be Fair", with lyrics like that, immediately my 13 year old ears were piqued. I listened to this song over, and over, and over, and over. I used to put myself in the narrators shoes, then in the shoes of the "blind boy". My feelings were all over the place! I heard the pain in the blind boy's voice, I felt his pain. Had this happened to me before? No, but these lyrics and the story took me to a place, had me feel his pain, and had me asking, what would I do if I were in the blind boy's shoes? After listening to the heart tugging "Be Fair", I would flip the record over and hear the haunting, melodic crying before the painful "Oh I'm so all alone and blue". Moans of pain and sorrow never sounded so sweet. "I'm without a girlfriend since you put me down, all my friends are laughing all over town". What do these songs make you feel? Los Angeles Doowop at it's finest. The Gallahads "Lonely Guy", was one of the first records that I was introduced to 20+ years ago. Shortly after falling in love with that classic ballad, I was introduced to "I'm Without A Girl Friend" (written by Charles Wright) and the flip side, "Be Fair" (co written by Charles Wright w/ C. Williams). Three ridiculously amazing songs! I didn't know that Charles Wright, (of Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band) was the lead singer of this Vocal Group that I have loved for over 20 years. Who knows how long this information would have escaped me if it wasn't for my two favorite long time Los Angeles DJ's, Steve Propes (formerly of KLON and currently of WPMD) and Bill Gardner (formerly of KPCC and currently of KPFK) didn't talk about this fact last weekend on The Steve Propes 45's Show. I am extremely grateful to know these two amazing people for many reasons, mostly for their sharing spirits.

Be Fair b/w I'm Without A Girlfriend by Gallahads - Doowop 45 on Delfi Records #4148