Hey Y’all by Debbie & Poochee – R&B Soul 45 on Amanda Records #101

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: October 24 2012

Hey Y'all b/w Grandpa's Farm by Debbie & Poochee

Two sweet young voices sing, "Hey Y'all" in unison, "We got a story to tell, the biggest story since the atom bomb fell". WHAT!? Did I just hear that right? My ears perk up, all work has stopped, and I'm definitely now all in with my listening. "Everywhere you go you see a big fight, they say they're fighting for the human right". "Hurry up, nobody wants to wait, it's already 100 years too late. These folks been waiting for a long long time, I do believe their going to lose their mind". "Let's do the thing the way it ought to be, what's good for you is good enough for me, so stop this carrying on we got to do this thing up right". "Hey Y'all, this ain't no big problem. What y'all gonna do, huh!?" "Hey Y'all, what y'all gonna do?" "Hey Y'all, what you gonna do about me?" "Hey Y'all what you gonna do about us?" Human rights is something everyone deserves. When they are not given, even children can see the injustice! To hear such young voices making the point, now that is a powerful message. I was so touched by the words, that I had to share. I love music that has a message. Enjoy!