Dead Presidents by Little Walter Jacobs – Blues Lp

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: August 30 2012

Dead Presidents by Little Walter Jacobs - Blues Lp on Le Roi Du Blues Records #33.2012 "Everybody loves them Dead Presidents" yes, these lyrics are talking about exactly what you think they are talking about. Money! Little Walter Jacobs sings about big bills, small bills and every denomination in between he breaks down his money situation. "Five Hundred McKinley is the one for me". If I get a Cleveland I'm really set". A thousand dollar Cleveland is hard to get". "Everybody loves them dead presidents!" Usually I post 45's but lately I've been going through a friends Blues Lp's and I was thrilled to find this little gem in the mix. I knew nothing about Little Walter Jacobs before finding this one. Let me tell you I'm glad I found out about him. Damn he's good! This is an Lp of previously unreleased material, and alternate takes of songs that were originally recorded from 1953 to 1963. Side One - Can't Stop Loving You, Last Boogie, Little Girl, Come Back Baby, Southern Feeling, One Of These Mornings, Beggin' And Pleadin' Side Two - I Love You So, You Gonna Be Sorry, Fast Boogie, Temperature, You Don't Know, Walkin' On, Dead Presidents, Cobella