A Bird In The Hand by Don Downing with Rodney and the Blazers – Risque R&B Rocker 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: August 05 2012

A Bird In The Hand b/w Jivin' Jean by DON DOWNING with RODNEY and the BLAZERS - R&B Soul 45 on Chan Records #108 Is it possible this is another Risque R&B Rocker? If it is, it's one of sneakiest double entendre records I have ever heard. In reading the title I thought the song would be a reference to the idiom, which means, it's better to have something certain than something that is not certain. About a minute in comes the guitar break that made me listen to the record in a whole new way. A Bird In The Hand is using the riff originally used in the song "Toy Bell" by The Bees, which is better known as "My Ding A Ling". Now we have something here! As I listened again the lyrics didn't seem risque, in fact the record is good but it seems pretty tame to me. Is a reference to the song "Toy Bell" by guitar riff enough to make it a double entendre record? In my opinion, yes! What do you think?