Red! This Ain’t No Big Thing by Ed Gates & His Mystics – R&B Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: July 07 2012

Red! This Ain't No Big Thing b/w Loving Time by Ed Gates - R&B Soul 45 on Robins Nest Records #112 "This Ain't No Big Thing", oh Ed, I beg to differ. From your voice, to your Hammond organ, to your foot stomping beat, you bring that swing! Not to mention one of the crudest label designs ever created. Seeing two hand drawn birds landing, with worms in their beaks, ready to feed a nest full of chicks makes me think of what creating and sharing music is all about. The feeding from musician to a wanting audience and the building and nurturing of a lifelong relationship. At least that's the hope and dream, to hear the chirps of longing, "Give us more! Give us more!" from an adoring audience. At least from a poetic view. A Los Angeles gem, for sure! Enjoy!