Back In Circulation by Dick Jensen and The Imports – Northern Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: June 16 2012

Back In Circulation b/w Uncle John's Good Time Band by Dick Jensen and The Imports - Northern Soul 45 on Loma Records #2029 Well, we have been lagging on Daily Discovery posts. It's been more like bi-monthly discovery at the moment. With this post we declare that we're "Back In Circulation" as far as posts go. The whole point of sharing is to teach, inspire, create memories or bring back memories for people. Our mission is not being accomplished if we don't share! We always love and enjoy when you reach out to us, thank you! We encourage you to get "Back In Circulation" on that thing or things that you have made a commitment too but have stepped away from. In the meantime enjoy this Los Angeles sound. P.S. Thanks to Tony for his question. Yes, according to , it was Dr. John under his real name Mac Rebennac. As far as him being on piano I'm not sure.