Soul Heaven by Friends – Funk 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: May 18 2012

Soul Heaven pt.1 (vocal) b/w Soul Heaven pt.2 (instrumental) by Friends - Funk 45 on Crash Records #1152 "Sometimes when you get a little low, you can't help but think about dying, but instead of it bringing you down, naturally it should make you smile because somewhere, somewhere there's a soul heaven where a lot of the old friends you have been missing for a long time will be singing some of your favorite songs". Being that death is a part of life, this is a lovely way to look at the inevitable, whether you believe in heaven or not. Imagine for a moment, about the people who are mentioned in this song and people who have passed since this song was made, and even some of our more recent losses. What a party it would be! Who would you go see first? What new collaborations would be created? What super groups would come together? Haha...makes me smile to think about such things. Yeah, it would be amazing, to say the least! Who would be in your Soul Heaven? Does anyone know if this is the first label? So my friend Greg Belson, tells me that this is a 70's Jamaican pressing. Thanks for the information, good sir! P.S. This song uses the Syl Johnson backing track from "Is It Because I'm Black" on Twinight Records #126