In The Phonograph Booth by The Moments – R&B Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: February 24 2012

In The Phonograph Booth b/w Blues At Sandy Cove by The Moments - R&B Soul 45 on Era Records #3128 "She was playing records in the phonograph booth" "All of a sudden she opened the door, I was so surprised i nearly fell on the floor". "Come on in, please don't stare, sit right down I want to hold your hand". Ahhhhh....I can hear the choir singing. I can see the wings unfurl off her back, the halo floating above her head, and a faint light glowing behind her. "The scene was so perfect, the night was so young and we were really having some kind of fun". "Then we left the records in the phonograph booth". "When we left we were feeling so fine, we didn't buy a record but we had a good time, At the record store, where I met that baby of mine". I think the writer broke into my thoughts and wrote a song about meeting my dream woman. Describing it to a tee! Although I must admit, it would really take something for me to leave those records behind!