Moove Everything You’ve Got by Thundder – Boogie Funk 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: February 23 2012

Moove Everything You've Got pt.1 b/w pt.2 by Thundder - Boogie Funk 45 on PPL Records #95024 Los Angeles, Boogie Funk, which even has a short rap in the middle of part 2. I've had this one for a while, today I rediscovered it in a forgotten pile of records. When I put the needle on the record, I realized I had never heard it before! "Move everything you've got, let the music take your mind". Sir, yes, sir!. This song reminds me of "Cutie Pie" by One Way. I listen to the Cutie Pie as a reminder, to see if my ears are deceiving me. Not only do they have a similar style, but they were both released in 1982 and PPL Records is distributed by MCA, the same label that One Way was on! What a musical journey I just went on...thank you for joining me!