I’m A No-Count by Ty Wagner with The Scotchmen – Garage 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: January 31 2012

I'm A No-Count b/w Walking Down Lonely Street by Ty Wagner with The Scotchmen & The Ones - Los Angeles Garage 45 on Chattahoochee Records #699 One of the best Garage records I have ever heard, hands down. Snotty punk vocals, wicked opening guitar, funny lyrics, with a nice guitar break in the middle. This is the same label that the classic Chicano Garage Soul band, Thee Midniters, was released on. Both sides are ridiculous!


Archived Comments:

  1. I am Ty Wagner thank you for your kind words

  2. You are very welcome! Thank you for singing this song and Slander. Two amazing records!

    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez

  3. We will try to send you some do ray me this week thank you Ty wagner