The Other Side Of The Fence by Jimmy Johnson – R&B Northern Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: January 18 2012

The Other Side Of The Fence b/w Queen Bee by Jimmy Johnson - Northern Soul 45 on Wonder Records #502 This Los Angeles record is no doubt rare, and a ridiculously hard to find test pressing. This song speaks to the human condition of always wanting what we don't have. "If you have a love, don't try to find another, make yourself __, because the grass always looks green and pretty, way over yonder on The Other Side Of The Fence". If Jimmy's voice wasn't enough for you, then comes in Vicki. Our mysterious lady voice comes in with powerful vocals when she speaks. Vicki never really belts out any singing on this tune, which leaves my mind wondering what that would sound like. Anyone know who the female is on this record?




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  1. I’m not sure who Vicki is but, I just picked up what claims to be Wonder 100. It’s a one-sided 12″ picture disc with 3 songs where Jimmy is singing/ playing songs about L.A. It seems to have come out in 1984 around the Olympics and has a long phone number list on the back for everything L.A. that you would ever need (and Vegas casinos!). Maybe he was performing and selling them to tourists who came here that summer? The 1st track is a vocal modern soul number w/ a little new waviness to it. The 2nd and 3rd are instrumentals with a contemporary jazzy sort of atmosphere. Very, very interesting. I would love to hear your Jimmy numbers. And btw, the disc gives his name as James Franklin Johnson if you’re curious.

  2. Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us! The record you found sounds interesting. As far as record numbers go, some labels have no rhyme or reason to their numbering system. The “Other Side Of The Fence” record was released in the 60′s which could have made them throw the old numbering system out the window. The ’84 Olympics were a huge deal and people were thinking of creative ways to sell souvenirs to the influx of out of towners. This record definitely sounds like one of those creative ways, in this case, to sell more vinyl. Another thing that could have happened with labeling it as Wonder #100 is that they wanted to make it seem collectable to tourists. Think of it like a comic book having #1 on it, automatically you think it may be worth more down the line.
    I’m curious, does it say who the other musicians were on the record? Do you mind sending a picture of the record via email?

    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez

  3. I figured that the numbers were out of whack (your acetates are clearly older). I will send you a couple pics and when I get the disc digitized, I’ll send you the tracks. In 30 years of collecting, I’ve never found any other Jimmy Johnson tracks. Would love to get his work compiled.

    Btw, the disc is called “Jimmy Johnson’s L.A. Live,” vocal by James Franklin Johnson, Wonder Records.

    Welcome to L.A.- 2:58
    North, West, South & East of L.A.- 4:56
    God Blessed My Angel Town- 5:35

    Matrix: JJ100 Wonder L-18213


  4. Hey Gary,

    recently found a stock copy of “Other Side Of The Fence”. Jimmy Johnson made two other records that I know of. One is pretty common, it’s “Don’t Open the Door” pt.1 b/w pt.2 along with Hank Alexander on Magnum Records #719. The other doesn’t pop up very often and I don’t have a copy of it – The Hunch b/w Forgive Me on Magnum Records #727.
    Thanks for the record info! Curious to hear the record and see what it looks like, your help is much appreciated.

    There is also blues singer Jimmy Johnson who’s brother is Syl Johnson and recorded in Chicago, don’t think it’s the same guy. Although, I’m not sure.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with Gary!

    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez
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  5. I just came across a few copies of the LA Olympic Record…

  6. I just came across a few copies of the Olympic disc…