Takin’ A Chance by Lamont Cranston Band – Northern Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: January 08 2012

Takin' A Chance b/w E Jam by Lamont Cranston Band - Northern Soul 45 on Waterhouse Records #15002 This is the perfect song to start off my sharing in a new year. I didn't feel like sharing and this has actually been one of the first records I have played this year. I was in vacation mode, big time! This hot Modern Soul, Northern Soul 45 from Minneapolis, Minnesota helped to get me moving. "Every time that you walk out the door, you takin' a chance. Every time that you try for more, you takin' a chance. Every time that you walk down the street, you takin' a chance. Every single person that you meet, is takin' a chance". Lyrics this awesome have to be shared! That's not it either, there's more! "You can't sit there, you just can't sit there, It'll be to late! Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Get up and dance, everybody's takin' a chance". The funniest thing is that this is the first new year that I danced. I used to say I don't dance, it was true, until I took a chance and I was on the dance floor for 4 hours straight! What chances will you take this year?




  1. I’m here in Minneapolis. I manage the band. I do have limited stock on hand of the
    45 rpm and I’m willing to sell a few copies. They are all mint in sleeves that I got from our old record label when they cleaned out storage. They are RARE and not cheap.

  2. Nice! Thank you for reaching out to us! That is super cool, Rico. Did you know that there is one on ebay right now? It’s selling for good money and has a few days left on bid.
    I have a copy, but I will send people your way as they ask for copies. When you say in sleeves, do you mean the Picture sleeve with writing in blue and white?

  3. I have a few (3-4 or so?) with the full sleeve with blue writing, but the others are just clean blank white sleeves. I think there are some other unassembled sheets of the printing of that sleeve, but not folded and glued together, so I wasn’t going to do anything with those. I’m at Rico1@aol.com

  4. The band had many. Bruce McCabe wrote many of those hits. He’s a great songwriter. No one outside this area knows much, but Bruce is going through a 2nd round of a brain tumor right now. He’s doing good, having treatment, but still so very sad.


  5. pss. I have LOTS of great Northern Soul 45′s – do you suggest Ebay for selling them?

  6. Wow, please give Bruce and his family my best. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.
    You are very welcome, it was very easy to compliment such great lyrics.

    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez