Run Sonny Run by Nat Wright – Belgian Popcorn – Northern Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 28 2011

Run Sonny Run b/w I'm Glad It Was You by Nat Wright - Belgian Popcorn - Northern Soul 45 on Petal Records #1060 Gun shots ringing, dogs barking, "Run Sonny Run, the hound dogs are hot on your trail, Run Sonny Run, unless you want to go to jail". The sheriff is hot on the trail of a fugitive, but why? "I stole that money just to feed my child, now the sheriffs posse 'bout to run me wild". While our fugitive runs, we get to dance to a wicked Latin beat. We also hear Mona, Sonny's girl, in the background with her siren like cries. Regret sinks in as memories flashback in Sonny's mind, while he runs, "Had I listened to my sweet Mona, I wouldn't be running to catch this train today". An exhausted Sonny, huffs and puffs, again we hear gun shots ringing and dogs barking. How will it end?