Don’t Advertise Your Man by Wanda Fulbright – R&B Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 23 2011

Don't Advertise Your Man b/w Walkin' And Cryin' by Wanda Fulbright - R&B Soul 45 on Me* Meow Records #2274 A cautionary tale to women, from this 60's Los Angeles R&B artist. Ultimately the year doesn't really matter, the lesson is timeless and means as much then as it does now. Here's a taste of what Wanda is preaching, "I got news for you girls and I hope you understand, Don't be no blabber mouth and don't advertise your man", "If you've got a good man you better keep it to yourself, Don't you tell me and don't you tell nobody else". "You better know others girls want a good man too, And if you don't be careful they'll take him away from you". Girls that blame him for leaving, could it be that you had something to do with it?