Hound Dog by Candy Johnson Show – R&B Rocker 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 19 2011

Hound Dog b/w Baby What You Want Me To Do by Candy Johnson Show featuring Candy Johnson's Exciters!!! - R&B Rocker 45 on Canjo Records #102 A rockin' R&B version of the classic tune that most people think was originally done by Elvis Presley. The original was actually sung in 1952 by Willie Mae Thornton better known as Big Mama Thornton. It has been covered many times over but not like this version, which includes a fuzz guitar break about a minute into the song. The song was written by none other than the legendary hit writing dream team, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller. This small Los Angeles label was a private press and probably owned by Candy Johnson, hence Canjo Records. It was released in January of 1964.