Journey Into Nigritia by Nate Morgan – Jazz Funk Lp

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 17 2011

Journey Into Nigritia by Nate Morgan - Jazz Funk Lp on Nimbus Recording Company #3257 I'm loving this Jazz Funk Lp out of Santa Barbara, California. Which is about an hour and a half to two hours northwest of Los Angeles. I almost don't even care that this record has a major warp because 5 out of 6 songs still play! This is the kind of jazz that I can really get into. Moments of flow but no long term flow, just a mash up of creative moments in time. It gets me in the mood to create! It takes the sometimes linear thoughts that I have and throws them for a loop, allowing for some real creativity to come up for me. Like writing poetry or putting random thoughts down on paper to later create a work that has yet to be formulated. If I'm feeling really bold, it makes me want to make art! What does this inspire you to create? Please share! Lp name - Journey Into Nigritia Songs side 1 - Mrafu - Morning Prayer - Mother Songs Side 2 - Journey Into Nigritia - He Left Us A Song - Study In C.T.