The Rat by Stewart Brothers (Sly Stone) – R&B 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 05 2011

The Rat b/w Ra Ra Roo by Stewart Brothers (Sly Stone) - R&B 45 on Ensign Records #4032 First some facts: released in 1959. Sly Stone's first 45 recorded with his brother, Freddie Stewart. Sylvester (Sly) released a gospel 78 with his siblings, their group? The Stewart Four It's raining rats and dogs in here! "The Rat" has one of the best opening lines ever in a song, "The name of this tune is the rat, and we are the Stewart Brothers, and Sylvester Stewart, that's myself, I wrote it", as soon as the man, who will later be better known as Sly Stone, finishes introducing himself, a groovin' R&B jump tune starts. Don't be fooled by the silly title, it's catchy! You will soon be walking around town singing about the rat! The flip side "Ra Ra Roo", deals with a whole different animal. What is Ra Ra Roo? They say it's a barkin' dog but really it sounds more like a howlin' dog, a brokenhearted dog at that. Another amazing Los Angeles record!


Archived Comments:

  1. Your information is wrong. This is not Sly Stone at all. This is my dad and his brother. Sylvester Stewart and Lacy Stewart. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. Oh yeah? That’s cool. Please feel free to set the record straight and share more about your father and uncle. Who else played on this tune? How old was Lacy and your father when they released this? Did they release any other titles? Record for any other labels? Who else was a part of the team that helped them release this record, like the producer? Arranger? or was anyone else involved? Teach me, and put your fathers story out there for people like me who care about the music. I would love to talk to your father and uncle if they would be willing.

    Thank you!
    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez