OTR (On The Rag) by The Rayons – Girl Punk Powerpop 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: September 28 2011

OTR (On The Rag) b/w Love Reaction by The Rayons - San Francisco Girl Punk Powerpop 45 on GP Records #101 When I first saw this record I had no idea what OTR stood for, then I played the record I had laugh. I can't make out her first words but it sounds like "blood in all my stomach"...can anyone figure this one out? The next part is unmistakable "I feel so shitty, looking in the mirror I used be pretty". This is a must hear all the way through. "Tells you that he wants you, it has to be tonight. You tell him that you want him too, and then you hold him tight. Take him by the hand, he's such a lucky man, but your sheets will look like the flag of Japan". The lyrics might be a bit much for some but I think it's hilarious! The flip is pretty good too, check it out!




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  1. Wow I can’t believe this is posted! I was a member of the Rayons and I wrote the lyrics to this song. We were a San Francisco band during the 80′s. Good times and several members still live in the bay area though I do not. This brings back great memories.

  2. Wow! That is so awesome! I had no idea that you were from San Francisco since the label is so plain. I would love to hear more about this song and the rest of your career. It’s such an amazing record, and it definitely makes me laugh.
    Please contact me directly at Wantedrecords23@gmail.com

  3. Looking for Lianne and I found this! I was in The Rayons too. Lianne, did you give the lyrics? Wasn’t the first word “Lying”? I could check, since I have several copies in the basement along with the 1000 CDs of myself I never sold… then I have to find a record player that plays 45s… Life is complicated! Kath

  4. Hello Kath,

    Wow, this is pretty cool. It’s a band reunion. Just to let you know, I never heard back from Lianne about the lyrics. In listening to the song, besides
    being reminded of how much I like the song, “Laying” sounds correct. Originally it threw me off because it’s sung “Lay—ing”.
    How many records did the band release?
    Glad to hear that you have a few copies. You would be surprised how often I am asked by the artists for help on finding them a copy of their own record.
    Probably just as many have a copy of their record and no player. Life is complicated…haha.
    Was your CD release the same type of music as the Rayons release?

    Good luck in finding Lianne!
    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez
    P.S. Sorry for taking so long to respond.

  5. I am one of those artist that would like to have a copy of our record. It is great to connect with everyone after so long ago. Maybe I can speak with Kath about her parting with one of her’s. I hope we do work it out to see each other again. Lord know we ain’t getting any younger!! Thanks Robert for enjoying our record. It was great to hear both sides again after all this time.

  6. Hello Lianne,
    Thank you so much for responding to the posting in the first place. It’s so great to see music reuniting old friends and band mates. Good luck in finding a copy and reuniting with Kath!
    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez