What Chance Have I by Dick Marsh (Sky Saxon pre Seeds) – Teen Rocker 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: August 30 2011

What Chance Have I b/w There's Only One Girl by Dick Marsh (Sky Saxon pre Seeds) - Teen Rocker 45 on Rosco Records #412 Killer guitar riff which leads to the voice of legendary rocker Sky Saxon. I am not sure if this is his singing debut but it is definitely pre Seeds. I can't get enough of his snotty R&R vocals. What Chance Have I reminds me of "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" by the Seeds. I have been listening to this record then his Seeds records and I see the transition. In my opinion, Sky was trying to fit into the mainstream on this one. Good thing he decided to go the other way, the funny thing is he ended up being better known for not being mainstream. A must hear! Enjoy!


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  1. We played music together for 20 years. That’s him singin’ !

  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!