The Cave pt.1 by Gary “Spider” Webb – Garage Surf 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: July 20 2011

The Cave pt.1 b/w The Cave pt.2 by Gary "Spider" Webb - Garage Surf 45 on Bamboo Records #504 To say that this is an odd record is an understatement. "One dark and rainy night, my girl and I got lost in a cave. I call to her and she calls to me, but we are still lost in a cave", Two lovers lost in a cave, makes for a great Halloween record. Yes, I said Halloween and yes I know it's a few months away but I couldn't help but sharing this tune. Creepy guitars, steady heart pounding drums, voices and shrieking screams filled with reverb. It will make the hair on your neck stand up if you play this at night under candle light. Will our lost lovers ever escape?