Lillie Mae by The Cupids – Doowop 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: July 02 2011

Lillie Mae b/w Now You Tell Me by The Cupids - Los Angeles Doowop 45 on Aladdin Records #3404 The scene, an ex-lover spills his heart wrenching loss to a sweet singing operator. It all starts with a phone call...."Bureau of Missing Persons. This is Miss Laura Lee. Always at your service, we must have identity. Height? Please" sings the operator. "Five foot Four" sings the worried lover. "Age?" "Twenty years and a day". "Weight?" "One twenty two". "Name?" "Lillie Mae" says the heartbroken lover. This is another record I had not heard in years. I used to play it over and over just to hear the pain in the main singers voice. Am I wrong for finding beauty in pain? Or does that just make me human?