Bossman by DEANE HAWLEY – Rockabilly R&B Rocker 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: June 23 2011

Bossman by DEANE HAWLEY - Rockabilly Popcorn Rocker 45 on Dore Records #554 Wicked intro on this Los Angeles Rockablilly, Pocorn, Mod, R&B Soul strollin' rocker. This is the kind of record that can't be pigeon holed because there are so many genres that this tune fits into. Deane is like many people, he has a dilemma, go to work at a job that he can't stand and feels that there is no escape. The dread of waking up the next morning to punch a clock is excruciating, thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore! What's stopping you from leaving that job you hate?