Little Girl Sing Ting-A-Ling (Ding-A-Ling) by Dave Bartholomew – Rare Risque R&B Blues 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: June 15 2011

Little Girl Sing Ting-A-Ling (Ding-A-Ling) b/w Who Drank The Beer While I Was In The Rear by Dave Bartholomew - Rare R&B Blues 45 on Imperial Records #5210 My Ding-A-Ling is probably the most famous of all the Risque R&B Rockers from the 1950's. It was released in 1952, I have known this record for years I just didn't know who sang the original. It was later changed to Toy Bell by The Bees who were also on Imperial Records. The Bees released a vocal group version in 1954 with slightly different lyrics but shares same concept, look it up if you don't know it, it's killer. I have the Chuck Berry version which was released in the 1970's. To my surprise, I found this in one of my boxes of records that I have had for a year or so. As much as I love to dig in other peoples collections, it's awesome to dig in my own vaults and pull gems like this one. I appreciate you checking out my ding a ling, have fun!