Swingin’ & Surfin’ by Les Brown Jr. – Fuzz R&B Mod 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: May 12 2011

Swingin' & Surfin' b/w Drum's Safari by Les Brown Jr. - Fuzz R&B Mod 45 on GNP Crescendo Records #191 This record is tough to categorize, which makes me love it that much more. It has the fuzz guitar, the Dick Dale surf drum beat, the R&B Mod horns. This R&B swinger is not very well known but the few who do know it in the R&B circles, would categorize it as a tittyshaker. What is a tittyshaker? When I first saw the term come up a couple of years ago, I thought it was just a clever marketing term to sell records. Now, my ear has opened up and I hear tittyshakers as swinging R&B Mod dance records. I must admit the term grew on me as soon as I heard this record today.