Tambo Shake by Googie Rene – Mod Soul Dancer 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: March 09 2011

Tambo Shake b/w Bossa Baby by Googie Rene - Mod Soul Dancer 45 on Class Records #309 When I listen to this record, I picture a Los Angeles night club in the 60's full of flailing limbs, head shaking, hair flying, sweat dripping good time on the dance floor. Now only if I had the courage to get off the wall and onto that dance floor.



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  1. wondering if he was listening to “What’d I Say” at the time? I once visited Googie at the Leon Rene estate on 24th St. with his mother, Mrs. Leon Rene, who was still cooking his meals. I have photos somewhere lost on this hard drive.

  2. That’s a great point Steve! I didn’t even hear the “What’d I Say” influence until you mentioned it. Thanks for opening my ears a bit wider than I am used to. Next time you visit an artist I would love to tag along. It would have been very interesting to hang with Googie and his mom, to get the scoop of what he was like when he was a kid and all that. Maybe I need to go over your place to help you find the Googie photos, or look through some records whichever you prefer.