You Beat Me At My Game by Chuck Strong – Modern Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: March 01 2011

You Beat Me At My Game by Chuck Strong b/w instrumental version - Modern Soul 45 on Music Mountain Records #100 More and more, people are not willing to admit defeat at any cost. Our ego makes us think of only ourselves. Chuck Strong admits the error in his ways and is actually accepting of the fact that he got a taste of his own medicine. This quality makes him more of a man than the guy who hides behind his macho tendencies to hide his hurt. How does Chuck do it? With grace! He even dignifies his ex love by calling her a lady and not bad mouth her by calling her by demeaning names. I tip my hat to you Mr. Strong, for being a real man.

This modern soul masterpiece was also released on the Venture Records #114 under the title "You Beat Me At My Game Like A Lady". I am sure that this is the first label and was later sold to Venture records. I couldn't find any information on the Music Mountain record label. If you have any information please feel free to reach me anytime.