But I Was Cool by Oscar Brown Jr. Sin & Soul Lp Jazz Vocals

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: December 29 2010

But I Was Cool by Oscar Brown Jr. Sin & Soul Lp Jazz Vocals on Columbia Records #1577 mono. Awesome album that puts racism and injustices in your face but gets you thinking. A must hear! Side 1 - Work Song - But I Was Cool - Bid "Em In - Signifyin' Monkey - Watermelon Man - Somebody Buy Me A Drink Side 2 - Rags And Old Iron - Dat Dere - Brown Baby - Humdrum Blues - Sleepy - Afro Blue Starting from the first lines I relate to Oscar, especially the lines "Whatever happens don't blow your cool", & "Never show folks how you really feel". I have always hid my emotions from people and even if I felt like crying the way Oscar does after each story, I didn't. I would remind myself to "Be Cool" and I thought I was cool and that nobody noticed any thing was wrong. My stories are different than the ones in the song but I blamed others for my actions and I acted out on the blame and I had to suffer the consequences. I still do this today but I am more aware of it when it happens and my reactions are less extreme because I am aware. Now I can actually practice what I used to preach, "Be Cool". Thank God!