The Ho-Ho Rock And Roll by Sid Ramin & The Ho-Ho’s – Psychedelic R&R 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: November 11 2010


The Ho-Ho Rock And Roll by Sid Ramin & The Ho-Ho's - Psychedelic R&R 45 on Thunderbird Records #516. The Ho-Ho's are credited to Peter Roberts. Is this the first dj loop ever? The laugh is definitely on a loop, anyone know when loops were first used? The title suggests a Christmas record. Where did this way out 60's psychedelic reverb, 50's rocker come from? and how did these two genres merge? My question won't make sense unless you listen to this odd record's last ho-ho filled groove. One of the weirdest records i have ever heard, and I LOVE IT!



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  1. Wow I been looking for this record. It is a rare find. My dad had a 45 of this. When I was a kisd this song really creep-ed me out. It scared me but I loved to listen to it, sort of like watching a horror movie. So glad I can play it for my kids.

  2. I am glad someone actually has heard of it! I love this record! Your dad has to be a cool guy to creep his kids out with this record. I only learned it a few months ago but I can see how it can be scary to kids. It’s great that you can share with with your children as well. I’m impressed that you remembered the title. Around what years did he play this for you if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. It was around the mid seventies

  4. Cool, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh My…finally found it Carrie, Rob and Ronnie…

    We found this 45 in our grandma’s house in about 1978…and me, my sister, and three cousins howled for an hour. We would look for it every time we went to visit…but eventually, it was gone. I have been looking for this every couple of years on the internet, hoping someone somewhere would post it.

    Thanks, you made my weekend.

  6. Hey Don, great story! Thanks for sharing! I am glad to be able to bring back memories to you and your family. I recently learned it but fell in love with it right away!
    You are very welcome, glad to help!
    Robert Rodriguez

  7. There was a picture sleeve with this record sold on eBay today… I think it went for $20. I guess I can’t attach the scan of the sleeve…?

  8. Thanks for letting me know. I had not seen it until you mentioned it, went on Ebay and checked it out. No need to attach the scan. Thanks for thinking of me though.

    All the best,
    Robert Rodriguez