All Messed Up by Vernon Anders – 50′s Los Angeles R&B on Money

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: September 07 2010

All Messed Up by Vernon Anders. Los Angeles R&B. Killer 50's R&B on the Money label. I don't think I have ever heard anything bad on this label. If you see anything on this label I recommend picking it up. The lyrics are amazing, this guy is in love and you can't tell him no different. "She's Knock Kneeded, bow legged, but I love that woman so" "She's slew footed, pigeon toeded but I love her with all my heart" "She's Humpbackeded, bald headed and she's got a double chin, box ankled, freckle faced and but I don't care what shape she's in you better know it I'm gonna go with my pretty baby until the end" "She's cross eyeded, dimple lipeded her mouth is always filled with snuff, she's half blinded, feeble minded, still i can't love that girl enough, but she's my baby, I don't mean maybe, you ought to see her strut her stuff".