Don’t Whistle Woman (Don’t Crow Hen) by Jess Bolero on Jackson #101 Funk Soul 45

Posted by Robert Rodriguez on: June 27 2010

Don't Whistle Woman (Don't Crow Hen) by Jess Bolero on Jackson #101. Rare practically unkown Funk on the Jackson label that says it's from New York but it sounds a lot more like a something from the the deep south. The flip side is a killer deep soul side. The shouting voice that Jess brings to this record sounds like a voice on the brink of breaking and he makes you feel his pain. He is pouring out of emotions like most of us only wish we had the guts too. If someone was to ask me what is Soul, it is this, pure raw emotion with no fear of who is listening. I spoke to Jesse Bolero recently and he gave me a little more information about the the record. Robert Banks on piano, Bernard Purdie was on drums and Donny Stokes on guitar & bass, Buddy Lucas was on harmonica & sax, Jess Levy on cello and The Rose on vocals. The producers (Rose McCoy) of "Don't Whistle Woman" wanted to promote Jesse as the black Mick Jagger. The idea was shopped to Motown producers, and after hearing his record they told Jesse that he was "too soulful". I had to laugh when Jesse told me this story, because that is what drew me to the song in the first place. Even though he doesn't think about what could have been, I wonder what his life would have been like to become a part of the Motown machine. The world will never know. Today Jesse is full of life and is still sharp, and a true showman. He is constantly thinking of new ways to reinvent himself. I am blessed to call Mr. Bolero a friend.